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My #toppicks- sups your pup may need at some point. 10 in 1 Treat!

What’s better than giving your pup a treat? Giving him one that will keep him healthy! This treat is inexpensive at only 25 for a 90 day supply. Do your puppy right and check out these ingredients. Even has the fish oil and probiotics. 1.) PET-HONESTY vitamin.

2.) The only other sups I suggest is BUFFERED VIT-C before and after a single shot vaccine for a week or two Or if you notice a little cough coming on. If stools get loose back off slightly.

3.) Food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) as well as 4.) Raw fresh-ground PUMPKIN SEEDS sprinkled on food for natural worming the week of a full moon. Store your seeds in the freezer when not using them.

5.) If you are in the south or a heart worm prone area consider adding in ORGANIC GINGER POWDER at 1/4 tsp year round. A nurse has been trying this and testing dogs and hasn’t had a positive test in years.

Or a natural heart worm tincture like Amber Naturals HFT during the mosquito season once a day every other week. They also sell a digestive upset remedy called Paxxin.

6.) PARVO-K helps with any tummy Issues Or if you choose to remain unvaxed and use natural immunity but want a back up on hand AND it also helps to fight off vaccine reactions after the parvo shot. (I send a little jar home with new pup owners)

7.) SLIPPERY ELM bark powder is a nutritious additive over food to help with weight loss, soothing the intestinal lining, constipation or diarrhea. CANNED PUMPKIN will also firm up stools.


We all realize that dog food is just NOT up to par. Unless you are feeding a whole balanced diet of RAW or instapot Fresh meals they won’t be getting a proper balanced diet from a bag.

For some of us the raw diet just isn’t feasible so we need to consider vitamins.

Also those of you who already have or are getting a DoodledogsPNW puppy ... I wanted to let you know I haven’t been happy with the sport mix brand food lately.

I’m not sure if they changed their formula but after this 2019 Christmas litter of puppies are rehomed I’m planning to shop around again starting with the Diamond brand for puppies.

When changing foods it must be done slowly. Add in the new food at a minimum of 1 to 4 part ratio and go slow moving into the new food. Probably a week to two weeks of transition is a good plan.

Happy Supplementing, Treating and Eating!

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