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Updated: Dec 3, 2019

On the full moon, once a quarter, we worm our animals and family naturally.

Worming can be toxic to animals and cause long term harm. Why not use raw pumpkin seeds. They work very effectively and it’s safe enough to feed to kids - in fact, I do! Pumpkin seeds are effective against tapeworms too.

Each new season, grind up some raw seeds and toss on their food. I do it the week of the full moon because that’s when parasites are most active.

Try it and see how your pups do. Give 1 tsp ground raw seed per 10 lbs.

I also mix Diatomaceous Earth (DE) into their food for that week also! Its a 1-2 punch.

And check out DOGS NATURALLY- they have a great article on worming using raw pumpkin seeds. 💕 Here’s to all our health! (And save those seeds this fall)


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