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Doggie Kennel Cough? There’s a homeopathic remedy for that 👍

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Safe and effective, homeopathy will heal up your dogs kennel cough. No need for a vet visit when you are in the know. Homeopathy and herbs quickly heal up KC.

🛑 A recent study also found some frightening issues with a correlation of the kennel cough vaccine jumping to Human pertussis (whooping cough) spread. Yep, it can jump from animal to human apparently. Yikes. And animal to animal...

The vaccine also puts other dogs at risk and ‪Immunocompromised people.... This is taken from their own informative data sheet. I’ll link below.


Particularly in very young puppies, signs of upper respiratory tract disease may occur after an overdose, including ocular and nasal discharges, pharyngitis, sneezing and coughing. The signs may start the day after vaccination and have been seen for up to 4 weeks after vaccination.

‪Special precautions for use in animals. Vaccinated animals can SPREAD the B. bronchiseptica vaccine strain for SIX weeks AND the canine parainfluenza vaccine strain for a few days after vaccination.

‪Immunosuppressive medication may impair the development of active immunity and may increase the chance of adverse effects caused by the live vaccine strains.

‪Cats, pigs and unvaccinated dogs may react to the vaccine strains with mild and transient respiratory signs. Other animals, like rabbits and small rodents have not been tested.

‪Operator warnings:

‪Immunocompromised individuals (HUMANS) should avoid ANY contact with the vaccine AND Vaccinated Dogs up to SIX weeks after vaccination... 😲


Adverse Reactions.

Mild discharges from the eyes and nose can occur from the day after vaccination, sometimes accompanied by wheezing, sneezing and/or coughing, particularly in very young susceptible puppies. (So it can also give your pup the cough)

Signs are generally transient, but in occasional cases may persist for up to four weeks. In animals, which show more severe signs, appropriate antibiotic treatment may be indicated.(Then they give you a rx) This is the study report.


You can treat your pups cough just like whooping cough is treated with homeopathic remedy and poof- it’s done and over! AND then they have lifelong natural immunity.

Some use the nosode for KC.

Some use Arsenicum 30 Or Drosera 30 remedy and some use herbals. Here’s a great one to keep on hand.... And know that even if you choose to vaccinate—your dog is still at risk because the vaccine failure rate and the live virus actually giving the illness. So it’s nice to have these at the ready.

Dogs Naturally put out a GREAT article with a list of remedies to match your pups specific cough.

Take special care to read their article!! They are a wonderful company to follow & learn from.

Here’s to your pups good health. ~ Kelley

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