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Ear mites got your head shaking?

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Thornit is LEGEND for naturally healing ear mites, canker, smelly yeast ears, itchy paws, even helps the dreaded butt dragging on the floor 🤣 and hair loss from mites. 👏 Original formula from the early 1900’s. Safe and natural.

Contents listed on bottle are, Talc, Zinc Oxide, Iodoform, Boric.

Boric that helps to kill of parasites such as mites, Iodoform to discourage mites and is antiseptic. Helps with wounds and sores. Zinc oxide as a drying and curing agent. Talcum powder is the carrier for these ingredients.

Definitely keep some thornit powder on hand! Because there are a lot of fake products buy from them directly.

How to apply: Just don't put it down the ear - wipe it around the inside of the ear a couple of times a day. Use a makeup powder brush to apply and once it's cleared up apply every other week to keep it at bay if your dog is canker prone.

Many have used on cats, rabbits, horses and other animals too... even humans as a foot powder 👍 #noStink #natural

Here’s to your pups good health. ~ Kelley

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