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Over Vaccinated Survey

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

This survey is a well done scientific look at what is happening in the dog world. Sickness is at an all time high. It’s heartbreaking and we really need to study this further- until then I’m thankful for homeopathy!

Here is just one category of illness that was surveyed. Most of the sicknesses reared their head between 1 month to 3 months. Some clustered at 9 months after a vaccine. Some had clusters of similar illness after certain shots- like rabies. It’s believed that a lot of reactions are due to random DNA that’s in the vaccines.

Autoimmune: 54.8% of dogs in the survey with autoimmune diseases developed this condition within the first three months after vaccination.

However, there were abnormally low incidences occurring at the six month and nine month intervals, which may be explained by delays in diagnosis. We can now say that AIl related diseases, at a 95% confidence interval, are vaccine-related.

Merck acknowledges that autoimmune disease can follow rabies vaccination in which, ‘cross-reaction probably is initiated by animal brain tissue in the vaccine’.

As dogs in the UK are not yet subjected to the rabies vaccine, we must either assume (upon the evidence that nearly half of dogs in the survey with autoimmune disease developed it within three months of vaccination) that either other canine vaccines are developed on brain tissue, or that vaccines not cultured on brain tissue can also initiate autoimmune diseases.

Merck tells us that details of the autoimmune response are incompletely understood. We do, though, know from other research that autoimmune haemolytic anaemia, Hashimotos thyroiditis, cancer, leukaemia, atopic dermatitis, and other autoimmune diseases are positively associated with vaccination.

Here’s to your pups good health. ~ Kelley

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